Working Together

Marriage itself can be a work of art; Jen & Jon are blessed to live their lives together through the creation of work. Both enjoy making works of bold color, and texture. They both tend to stay in the representational genre. The similarities however, end there…


Jon’s pastels speak of color and light. He uses bold strokes, and shadow to tell the story. The absence of people is telling, coming from his need to be removed from chaos of a former life. His pastels are often buildings at different times of day; deserted. He invites the viewer to take a closer look and ask why?

Jon presents his subject matter by making the time of day ambiguous. Shadows, light, and color compete in the arena of the composition to leave the viewer asking about what the inhabitants of this place might be doing, where might they be?

Jon’s influences are Matisse, Degas, Edward Hooper, and the Cezanne. He has studied many contemporary pastel artists and their techniques. Jon’s philosophy is to make art “that I would want to hang on my own wall”.


Jen’s work is almost exclusively of equines. From an early age, she began to draw them, and has continued expressing herself through that subject matter.  She thinks of each as a self-portrait. Media is no barrier, be it clay, wood, bronze or paint, the need to tell her story is evident in her works.

Jen presents her emotions through the way the media is handles in each piece. At times there is a high degree of realism, at other times the focus is on the subject only. She uses bold primary colors often to play one element off another. Her sculptures follow the same rules. Whether they are representational or more impressionistic, all come with a clear emotion.

Her influences are Kandinsky, Degas, Fellows, and Cezanne.